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Updates #1

Published on in Updates
Short link: https://goblog.app/s/3
⚠️ This entry is already over one year old. It may no longer be up to date. Opinions may have changed.

The last days I have worked on a few improvements for GoBlog:

  1. Viewing media files: there is now the option to see a list of uploaded files, view them with one click or delete them with two clicks. This works for local storage as well as for bunny.net and FTP. It also shows in how many posts the file name is referenced and how big the corresponding file is.
  2. WebMentions: I improved the verification of mentions with umlauts in URLs.
  3. Public HTTPS: autocert is used again instead of CertMagic, because this library has less dependencies and CertMagic caused some problems.
  4. Much faster statistics: Blog statistics used to take a while to generate for particularly large blogs. By optimizing the database statements, the stats are now much faster and take only a single second on my blog (vs. several seconds before).
  5. Internal improvements to the database handling: now multiple database connections to the SQLite database can be used at the same time.

Otherwise, my goal is still to make GoBlog more structured, fix bugs and increase test coverage (currently 14%).


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