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Removing native Tailscale support

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It was a difficult decision, but in the end I decided to remove the native Tailscale integration again. Tailscale as a Go dependency, made a lot of things more complicated, for example I could not update another security related dependency to the latest version.

In return, however, there is now the option to use your own TLS certificate for HTTPS:

  publicAddress: https://example.com # Public address to use for the blog
  httpsCert: /path/to/cert.crt # Path to TLS certificate
  httpsKey: /path/to/key.key # Path to TLS key

And not to be neglected, the Docker image is now over 10 MB smaller as well.

In the near or distant future, maybe this Caddy plugin will allow GoBlog to easily connect to Tailscale again.

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